We are a business ethics consulting solutions provider. We provide services only to contracted parties in terms of a legally binding written agreement. The information we require from our clients are provided to us in the form of a “take-on” form completed by each client and may contain details regarding identity and address of natural persons, registration details of juristic entities and the names and email addresses of persons designated by each client to act as liaison between participating employers and ourselves. We may be provided with sensitive information regarding wrongdoing by persons known as whistle-blowers. We use this information to effectively investigate allegations of wrongdoing and to communicate with our clients and where necessary the appropriate authorities. All information regarding natural persons are retained by us only for the purpose of the effective functioning of our services and we immediately delete personal detail upon our agreement with each client being terminated or the services completed. Upon termination of our agreement with any client, our Service Level Agreement regulates the time period within which we must provide all data to our clients, including a compliance certificate to the effect that all client data has been permanently and irretrievably removed.

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